Friday, December 3, 2010

Seasons Greetings from Santa Tater

Nothing is more iconic than one Mr. Potatohead, except for Saint Nick himself, and now you don't have to choose. They fit together like turkey in a cloud. Or at least like pegs and peg holes. Potatohead has been enjoying an explosion of variations since Darth Tater captured our hearts and imaginations, and I was glad to add 'ol Santa Spud here to my desperately lacking Holiday Toy Display. Remember, folks, holiday toys are NOT toys but, rather, decorations; so remember to tell your wife that when you come home with another armful of them. Plus if you have Santa Spud you can now let any other Potatohead grow a full beard. Yes.

Target has really upped their game with their stocking stuffer aisle, and had this just sitting there for a PALTRY 6.00. Don't forget to check out their Legos and Batman Imaginex singles, either. Also of note: Christmas Deco Slinky. Nothing says "Handsome" like a holiday-specific slinky, and you better believe I didn't stop at buying the Halloween version offered last year. *Christmas Slinky is now available at your local Target in both Pure Red and Red/Green varieties.*

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